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We will explore the dark recesses of this stunning mausoleum, whose origins are likely as a revolutionary war memorial. As we learn about the early history of the mansion, the story takes us back to the early days of the Incan empire and the small village on top of the hill where the house was built, how the Incas called it the palace of the sun and the people, "the people of the sun." We meet the unusual architect who designed it, the priest who cared for it for years and years, and the striking Paititi figure that has become a national symbol. In the process, we meet people who have moved in, children of the founders, the sons of the original caretakers, and the descendants of Incan royalty. From the time we visit the house at night, as the sun sets in the fog, to the final haunting, we will be led through by a series of haunting stories that will leave you, at the end of the trip, feeling like you have been a part of a larger family for a week. We will explore the mysteries of this monument to the revolutionary era, one that shows us the curious ways of the Incan culture. Here at the beginning of our series, we will meet with the owner of the house, the writer and founder of the Society of American Archaeology, Tressa Turner. She is the author of the book "The House of Matusita." She is a guide, docent and well-known expert on the house. DATES: September 23, 2017 TIME: 9:00 am DOORS: At the end of the tour. This is not a drive-by tour. LOCATION: Casa Matusita, Junin, Peru PRICE: $495 Per Person. Includes Lunch WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Persons with interest in historical preservation About our Host: Tressa Turner has been working as an archaeologist for the last 35 years. She has been an archaeologist since she was a graduate student in the United States. Turner earned her Bachelor's degree from Vassar College, and her master's and PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. She has conducted research at many archaeological sites including the Paracas, Sacsayhuaman, Chavín de Huantar, and Sacapura. She has authored many articles and over a dozen books and has been a museum curator and museum director. She has given lectures at many universities



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LauraB Candy Doll Collection 8 B CDCL 008 307

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