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Sans Chaine Waiver

I have asked Andrew Randell (“Randell”) and Sans Chaine to assist me in my cycling endeavours. 

I understand that, in the course of receiving assistance from Randell and Sans Chaine, I may participate in a range of activities, including, but not limited to, coaching and training assistance, and participating in events, programs, races, or activities (including group rides and rides on my own) organized, operated, conducted, suggested, recommended and/or sanctioned by Randell or Sans Chaine (collectively, including any assistance I receive from Randell or Sans Chaine, the “Activities”). 

I understand that Randell and Sans Chaine’s agreement to assist me in my cycling endeavours (including by providing me with coaching or training assistance), and my participation in the Activities is conditional upon my execution of this Waiver and Release.  


I therefore acknowledge and agree as follows: 


Thanks for submitting!

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