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Our Mission

Sans Chaine’s mission is to help cyclists experience the enjoyment of training and riding together, where everyone feels like they are part of the group. Sans Chaine - literally without chain - is an expression we use to describe an amazing ride, with legs so good they couldn't feel the chain. Those moments we all love to experience. That is what we strive to do with everyone that we engage with - every ride should be an amazing one.

Sans Chaine is a two pronged approach -


The new movement in cycling looking to change our culture to make riding more enjoyable. Performance still matters but not everyday is a race.


Education around training and riding principles to make your riding better so that you can share in rich cycling experiences and have that amazing ride.

Cycling is a beautiful sport that should be inclusive and enjoyed by everyone. Our team can teach and educate you in the Sans Chaine training and riding philosophies. Etiquette, positive attitudes and culture are a big part of what we believe in. Keeping things fun and inclusive, positive and challenging make for a great experience.  

Training programs paired with educational content, delivered to your inbox, make for a powerful combo. In addition, a curated blog full of information from various sources that align with the Sans Chaine philosophies on riding technique, fuelling, training concepts, and more enable you to grow and develop. Become the best rider you can be, confident and empowered.

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