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Coaching is about more than just training plans.

Coaching and training are amazing - meeting new people, learning, growing and sharing our experiences together.  It is about weaving cycling into your days, maximizing your training within the realities of your life and commitments. Working with a coach that understands the stress and strain of work, family life and training is key to achieving your goals in a positive manner.

I love cycling and sharing my passion and experience with others that enjoy their bikes is something I enjoy. 

In a personalized, hands-on, coaching environment we can plan the best training for you. The coaching is an interactive, two-way, experience. I can give you the best program, but only with your input can we apply that program towards making you the best rider you can be. 

I work with all sorts of riders, across all cycling disciplines: the CEOs and professionals with little time who want to be the best they can; those that are keen on riding and want to be good to ride with their friends; those that are training for that amazing trip each year; and some I work with do it because they love racing. Each has unique training needs and time availability. No matter who you are, together we can make you a better rider.

A different approach to training

The world of cycling is obsessesed with FTP. And so almost all the training programs within the various apps, or that you can find online, are threshold based. This might work at first, but ultimately it won't make you a better rider. In fact, this type of training may result in you burning out and not riding your bike anymore.

The Sans Chaine approach is different. Your aerobic system underpins all of your fitness and we have to spend the time developing it - something most riders never do. By applying both heart rate and power to your training we can improve this part of your fitness. Over time this will result in an increase in your work capacity and change your riding in a meaningful way.  

This type of change in your riding takes time, as such I ask for a one-year commitment from my clients. Results take time as real training and coaching isn't a "get fit in 6-weeks" undertaking. There is a great deal of learning to be done, even for those that have been riding for years.

This learning is one of the things that makes cycling so engaging. Riding well goes beyond the wattage you can push. In Sans Chaine we have a concept, the Toolbox, that is about improving without pushing more watts. Learning how to pace your efforts, technique, fuelling, and breathing are all important elements that get mixed into the training.

One of the things about cycling that makes it so engaging is that it isn't just about going hard.  Learning how to pace your efforts, technique, fuelling, and breathing are all important elements that get mixed into the training.

If you are interested in learning more please reach out to see about availability and the opportunity to connect in person: 

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