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Every ride should be amazing. Your training should be a journey and a pleasure. We love cycling for the fun, challenges, camaraderie and the stress relief that it brings. To improve takes time, consistency and repeatability. Still interested? We can help!

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What does getting better actually mean?

We have been taught that pushing more watts is the only measure of our getting better as a rider. This is definitely our ultimate goal, but it isn't the only way to measure improvement. Getting better with Sans Chaine can also mean:

  • repeatability - doing the same wattage in your efforts over and over again without fading

  • stability - holding a wattage for a long time with your metrics - power, cadence and heart rate - all stable (yes, we believe in using heart rate and power)

  • time - the wattage may not go up, but getting fitter you should be able to do it for longer

Training with Sans Chaine will mean pursuing not only more watts, but also improvements in these areas. To do that you need to improve your aerobic system, which involves incorporating both heart rate and power into your training.

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Introducing the Toolbox

Training well is important to improving as a rider. What makes cycling such a great sport though is that it is about more than just the watts you can push. Incorporating the Toolbox concept into your everyday training will make you a better rider, without having to push more watts. 

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