Pacing: awareness and honesty with yourself

Updated: Apr 13

Pacing is a big part of riding, an often overlooked way that you can improve without having to change your fitness. A big part of the Toolbox concept. There are two aspects to pacing that you will need to master. The first is understanding the relationship between your wattage and the effort you are doing. The second is getting to know yourself as a rider - the harder of the two!

Controlling your wattage and effort

You will notice that one of the things the Sans Chaine programs focus on is developing the ability to control your wattage. Once you develop the technical ability to control your wattage, you can start to better manage your efforts . As a rider, you need to start developing a sense of the relationship between how hard you go and how sustainable that effort is. For some clues take a look at the perceived exertion chart below, available on the Training Zones page. The harder you go the less time you can sustain the effort, the less repeatable it becomes.

Pacing in the real world

How many times have you been on a group ride, planning on doing a big long day, that started off ripping out of the parking lot all guns blazing? The ride rips along for a while, but then the pace slows, the riders get a bit ragged and suddenly everyone is struggling to hold the pace. The riders pushing the pace have shown