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Connect Training Peaks and Zwift: structured workout files in Zwift and loading your data to TP

Updated: Feb 21

Before you can use your structured workout files from Training Peaks in Zwift you have to make sure that the two services are connected.

The workout will only appear on Zwift on the day that it is scheduled on Training Peaks. The custom workouts in Zwift do not work as a library. If you need to move a workout in Training Peaks to do it on a different day than when it was originally scheduled make sure to move it in Training Peaks before opening Zwift.

How to get to the workout:

Once you open Zwift, pair your devices and hit OK. This will take you through to what one could call a “home” screen. Here you can access the courses, events and workouts, along with all of your settings. Keep in mind that you can access many of your settings through the Menu once you start riding.

To find your workout click on the Workout icon, and then on Custom. Here you may have to scroll a bit to find the workout that is posted on Training Peaks for the day.

If you are unsure which workout you are meant to do click on a Workout within the Custom area. In the menu on the left you can scroll up to the top and find "Training Peaks Custom Workouts". This will be the workout in Training Peaks that day.

Click on the workout to open the following page.

  1. Here you can read a description of the workout: what, how, why. The structured workout is amazingly useful, but you still need to apply your zones and perception.

  2. ERG mode: 99% of the time you will want this off

  3. The FTP slider: we want the FTP in Zwift to be the same as the one in TP (although this won’t matter for your first week of training with Sans Chaine as you won’t have determined your zones just yet).

Hit Workout, pick a Route, and hit Start RIde.

When using a workout in Zwift you can pick any Route. When using a workout the gradient changes on the Route will not affect the trainer difficulty. The only thing that will change is how quickly your avatar will move.

Now you are in the World of Zwift and ready to do your workout. You can see your workout details on the upper left of the screen.

If you realise that you missed anything, or say wanted to get into a different workout, you still can make changes via the Menu button.

You have now linked your Training Peaks and Zwift accounts. This allows you to access the structured workout in Zwift and for your training data to be uploaded to Zwift.

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