Connect Training Peaks and Zwift: structured workout files in Zwift and loading your data to TP

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Before you can use your structured workout files from Training Peaks in Zwift you have to make sure that the two services are connected.

The workout will only appear on Zwift on the day that is is scheduled on Training Peaks. The custom workouts in Zwift do not work as a library. If you need to move a workout in Training Peaks to do it on a different day than when it was originally scheduled make sure to move it in Training Peaks before opening Zwift.

How to get to the workout:

Once you open Zwift pair your devices and pick a course. When using a structured workout in Zwift you will be riding in either ERG mode or against a steady incline. The gradients you would normally experience riding a course will not affect your ride.

Once you hit Ride in Zwift you will then see on the bottom left Menu. Go to Menu.

Inside the menu on the right hand side you will see Workouts. Click Workouts.

Inside workouts scroll down to find the Training Peaks Custom workouts. Click on that.

Make sure at this point that your FTP in Zwift matches the one in Training Peaks. Although this won’t matter for your first week of training with Sans Chaine as you won’t have determined your zones just yet.

Turn ERG mode off:

ERG mode is a workout mode in which the trainer directly controls how much wattage/resistance is being applied, regardless of slope, gearing or cadence. This is a workout mode that, unless stated otherwise, we don't typically use.

When you are picking the workout on a PC you have the option of turning ERG mode off. Turn ERG mode off. If you are on a Mac you can use the Zwift companion app on your phone to turn off ERG mode (see below).

Click on the workout. And then hit Workout, and then Back and you will be back on your ride in workout mode.

Zwift companion app:

It is good to use the companion app when doing workouts, as it shows the wattage range for each step.

You can also turn off ERG mode in the Zwift companion app. In the workout page of the companion app there will be an ERG or incline button to switch between the two modes. Unless the workout specifies otherwise you want to run the workouts in incline mode. Use the button to toggle ERG mode off.

The companion app also makes it easy to adjust the level of the incline when doing a workout. Say for instance to take off a bit of incline to cool down or spin for a bit at a high cadence. You are in incline mode when ERG is turned off.

Be aware, the companion app and Zwift computer have to be using the same wifi/internet in order to work together.

With your Training Peaks and Zwift files linked your workout data will now also be uploaded directly to your Training Peaks account.

Having the workouts in Zwift is useful. Keep in mind though that if you connect Zwift to Training Peaks your workout data will be uploaded. If you also have your Garmin or Wahoo recording your workouts and auto uploading you will now have two sets of data in Training Peaks for each workout. This requires that you manage the data to ensure only one file remains each day.

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